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The Concord Toy Box is a classic American toy store complete with arts and crafts, building kits, dress-up with accessories, and children’s books. We’re also up to our necks in soft, huggable plush and stuffed animals! We take great pride in operating in the heart of Concord center and we make every effort to bring fun and exciting products to all of our customers. Our store is perfect for toddlers, kids, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between!

Marie Foley

The Concord Toy Box has always been a dream of mine. I grew up the youngest of 5 therefore I was the built-in baby sitter for my siblings starting at the age of 12. This kept me young at heart and always interested in entertaining all ages. It is a joy to hear kids of all ages come into The Concord Toy Box with squeals of delight over the visuals of the store and our selection of fun-ness from which to choose. Down the Stairs at 32 Main Street is one stop shopping for everyone. There is The Concord Toy Box for toys, Revolutionary Concord for gifts along with Albright Art Supply with art supplies for the artist in everyone. Fun in every corner!

Elizabeth Mulhall

Before The Concord Toy Box I started my toy journey in Vermont at a Learning Express during my days at UVM. I had no idea how fun retail could be or how much I would love it. Coming back to Concord I took a temporary position at The Toy Shop of Concord…for 12 years ?. Toys had become my career as I worked with David Hesel learning the ins and outs of managing a toy store including buying and selling great products to wonderful customers. Now it’s a thrill for me to be part of The Concord Toy Box, Revolutionary Concord and the Albright Art Supply Team. Having the chance to learn a new style of business with Marie has made me feel very lucky to be Down the Stairs at 32 Main Street. One particularly rewarding part of working in Concord is the ability to become involved with the Concord community. When I am not here I have fun, interactive hobbies. I play and teach piano, I love to ski on any size mountain along with spending whatever spare time I have reading through my stacks of books. I look forward to meeting you while helping you find that perfect toy, game or puzzle here at The Concord Toy Box.

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32 Main Street, Concord, MA 01742


32 Main Street
Concord, MA 01742